bali-about-pg-picBali Indonesia is one of the most enchanting places on earth. It is a small island and only one of 17,000 island that makes the Indonesian archipelago. It is a conglomerate of old and new but has not lost its magical charm and cultural appeal.

Hello, I’m Cassie Travindo and I love all things, Bali. As a college student studying anthropology, I traveled to Indonesia with a friend to study the culture. I fell in love with Bali and have made it a regular travel destination ever since.

My blogs are about the times I spend in Indonesia and specifically Bali. Through my blogs, I hope to give you a sense of the same delights which I personally experience when I submerge myself into this amazing culture and its way of life. It’s really so enchanting – I simply can’t keep it to myself.

Bali is distinctly unique in its personality and the demeanor of the local residents. Easy going and non-confrontive, the Balinese appear to be a genuinely happy lot. A mutual respect for one another is prevalent in the everyday interactions of the people. No demonstrative public displays of affection and modest dress are the acceptable way of life, yet no one seems to feel their rights of expression are violated.

While it is wildly popular as a tourist destination it hasn’t lost its sacredness. The practice of Hinduism is at the center of this sacredness. While most of Indonesia is Muslim, Bali embraced Hinduism over 500 years ago, and evidence of the practice is everywhere. It accounts for the free flowing attitude.

Because it is such a popular tourist spot the little 90-miles-wide and 50-miles-long island can get overcrowded at certain times of the year. I like to spend three months of every year just before or slightly after the tourist season has subsided. Spring and fall tend to be my favorite times of the year. Most tourists show up in August and September and then again at Christmas, but I don’t mind sharing once in awhile. I forget sometimes that I am also considered a tourist after all.

The Balinese people have welcomed me into their private homes with generosity and open arms and exceedingly good food! I have a little apartment waiting for me whenever I pop down and Bali feels like my second home.

If you are like most folks you haven’t had the chance to get to Bali, but through my posts, I give you a sense and maybe even a little motivation to visit this one of a kind paradise.