Visiting Bali


Bali is known for its warm and friendly people, its beautiful, lush scenery and its ability to soothe the stress fed beast in any one of us. Stepping off the plane at the relatively new Ngurah Rai International Airport and descending the stairs, I am immediately enveloped with a sense of calm. I have come to believe it is naturally inherent to this little Indonesian island.

The airport, like others all over the world still has its hustle bustle but the underlying current of serenity is easily detectable. On board the party bus Hamilton, I and several of my fellow passengers make our way into the center of town to the Hamilton hotel. I have found that the party bus is the most accommodating form of transportation. The bus is air-conditioned and to make the short journey to Kuta even more pleasant they serve the best Ice Beerice beer with just the right amount of lime on the island.